“The Savior,” a film globally-released in over 40 languages, offers the Christmas and Easter scenes translated and recorded in Mvskoke. Working as a team, Bill Barnett, Jackson Barnett, Mary Emarthle, Lillian Thomas and Harris Cully translated the script.
A group of Mvskoke speakers have worked with filmmakers to bring the story of Jesus to you. We hope you will want to share it with your family and friends. The film and resources are available to at no cost, and the filmmakers grant your church permission to use them in your church.
It’s easy to share with your church, just click link below and download. We hope you will show the video at a gathering of your church. You will find the film as well as some resources.
We have also included a printable PDF with supporting materials and a script you can use for Christmas or Easter programs or activities for children and youth. There are Mvskoke hymns, coloring pages of the scenes, and more suggestions for using the film at your church or in your home. 
It is our hope this project helps preserve and encourage Mvskoke language learning of your church members and community as we share the Gospel of Jesus.
Blessings on you and your church family as we celebrate our Savior and await his return.

Jennifer Barnett , Ed.D.
Associate Producer
Mvskoke Savior Film Project

Chris Forbes
Mvskoke Savior Film Project
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